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The first part of any journey of change is becoming more self-aware. What do you stand for? What are your values and goals? Being able to articulate your purpose, ‘your why,’ goes beyond just being aware of what it is. 

If you want to build a business, it’s time to see how you’re impacting those around you and whether your thoughts match your actions.


It’s multidimensional; you may trust someone with your house keys when you don’t trust them to deliver a project on time. 

There are five dimensions of trust, and they all weave together with intricate interplay. Being worthy of trust requires you to be aware of all these dimensions: to see how your words, actions, emotions and motives all link to build or even damage your trustworthiness. Without trust, we have no clients. 


Once you have worked on your personal brand and reputation, you can leverage it to create innovative solutions that add value. This is how you can make the impact you want and come up with solutions people will buy into.

Consumers will want to work with you and experts will want to work for you. Soon you’ll be able to cut your hours working in half and go back to coming up with ideas that support others while walking your dog. 

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

How To Complete The Assessment

The 'Influential Leadership' assessment comprises of 37 questions and will take you less than 8 minutes.

Your answers are a scale of how consitently you do things - 1 being rarely to 10 being all the time

Be honest and go with your initial 'gut reaction'. 

    Scott gets right at the core drivers of influence; it’s very impressive!”
    - Lisa: Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

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