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The first part of any journey of change is becoming more self-aware. What do you stand for, what are your personal values and goals? Being able to articulate your purpose and why your important to the organisation.

Become aware of your personal impact. If you want to build your personal brand, be aware of how you are impacting those around you. Are your actions congruent with your desired purpose and values?


Trust is multi-dimensional, you may trust someone with your house keys, but you don’t trust them to deliver a project on time. 

There are the five dimensions of trust, they all blend and there is an intricate interplay between them. Being worthy of trust requires you to be aware of all these dimensions and how your words, actions, emotions and motives all link to build or damage your worthiness.


Once you have worked on your personal brand and reputation, you can leverage it to create innovative solutions that add value. This is where your brand will enable you to make the impact you want and build a case for solutions, that people will listen to.

Create solutions that are linked to  specific challenges that will work within the constraints within different aspects of your organisation.

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

How To Complete The Assessment

The 'Influential Leadership' assessment comprises of 37 questions and will take you less than 10 minutes.

Your answers are a scale of how consitently you do things - 1 being rarely to 10 being all the time

Go with your intial 'gut' reaction


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    We Believe...

    Learning and Development professionals are the drivers for change in organisations around the world. The Innovate Crowd supports driven L&D professionals to increase their influence, provide innovative solutions and deliver success.

    Working on both personal and professional development, together we will build your reputation to make the impact you want to.

    Our mission is to change the way learning is perceived in organisations, and we know you can make that difference.

    Is this for me?

    This is for any L&D professional who is serious about enhancing their personal brand, building their reputation and delivering innovative and impactful solutions. 

    It's for those who are willing to invest their time and effort and who willing to answer some searching questions. You need to be willing to feel uncomfortable and try out new things.

    It's time to stop talking about what others should be doing, and start to take ownership and accountability for the perception of learning in your organisation.

    The assessment has been designed to give you the insights and some tools to start you on your journey to build your self-awareness, increase your positive impact, build trusting alliances and deliver innovative solutions.

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